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LEED Certification Services

LEED Certification Services

We provide LEED certification services including LEED education and professional training, peer review services, government advisement, project pre-design services, project management, construction services etc. for resourceful, green, and ecological buildings in a cost effective manner.

Our LEED consultants have experience in LEED feasibility analysis, documentation support, energy analysis, daylight modeling & analysis services for existing and upcoming buildings. These buildings are constructed in such a manner that they have sustainable design and satisfy LEED credits.

hitech’s LEED certification consulting services identifies and integrates viable sustainable design strategies into new construction and existing buildings. We work with the building owners and design teams and guide them at each and every step of pre-design to construction.

We syndicate the preparation and online submission of LEED documentation to get LEED certification. We provide sustainable design / LEED Charrettes at the outset of a project. These charrettes are a collective process for design professionals and building owners and managers to unveil project goals for sustainable design and energy efficacy.

LEED Certification Service Offerings:


  • LEED Education and Professional Training
  • LEED Peer Review Services
  • Government Advisement
  • LEED Project Pre-Design Services
  • LEED Project Management
  • LEED Construction Services
  • LEED Post-Occupancy Services
  • LEED Certification Project Administration
  • Green Housekeeping and Site Management
  • Design Charrettes

We deliver initial valuation of the project using the LEED rating system. By interacting with the clients from early stages of design, process enables us to deliver sustainable design guidance to project teams to supplement energy and environmental performance.

Our consultants are proficient in the field of LEED certification and have years of involvement in making a building LEED certified and sustainable. We offer multiple LEED related scope of work under one roof that makes our clients competent through clear lines of communication and less time is needed for coordination between consultants.

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