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Sustainability Services

Sustainability Services

Hitech is one of the leading Energy Modeling and LEED consulting services provider based in India. We extend the sustainability support throughout the life-cycle of a construction project across the stages of concept, design, and construction.

Our commitment towards green and energy efficient solutions with regards to green building and sustainable design helps us address most of the challenging sustainability demands of our clients.

We understand the sustainability challenges & importance of occupants comfort and safety within built environment like schools, banks, hospitals, hotels, etc. sustainable building design and green building performance are aimed at efficient use of energy within a built environment without compromising the safety and comfort of the occupants.

Company pursues excellence and extends sustainability solutions across the building and construction industry with e-Quest modeling, daylight modeling and energy analysis, LEED feasibility analysis, documentation support for new buildups and retrofits.

Clients outsource sustainability solutions for improvising some of the most important factors in building design like energy consumption, cooling, heating, ventilation, water usage, waste management, overheating risks etc. Our sustainable building design solutions help our clients reduce energy bills, improve on HVAC within a facility and obtain EPACT and LEED energy certifications.


Service Offerings:

  • Building Envelop Analysis (During Design Stage)
  • Energy Modeling & Simulation
  • LEED Certification

Green Building Certifications:

  • United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Certification services for different rating system
    • Building Design and Construction
    • Interior Design and Construction
    • Building Operation & Maintenance
    • Neighborhood Development
    • Homes
  • ESTIDAMA Certification (UAE)
  • QSAS Certification (Qatar)
  • BREEAM Certification (Europe)
  • Green Star Certification (Australia)

Our architects, with help of sophisticated software including eQuest, EnergyPlus, Autodesk, Relux & DiaLux, Ecotect & Revit execute energy modeling and simulations, green energy simulation and analysis, building automation and energy monitoring projects.

Several projects with high complexities, for clients from USA, UK, Australia, Canada and UAE were executed conveniently by our team of engineers. Our sustainability solutions have helped them improve on their functionality and flexibility of building, by reducing the cost of building maintenance and ensure that the facility promotes comfortable and healthy environment.

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