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Delivering High Quality Legal Services to Individuals, Attorneys, Law Firms and Corporations

Hitech assists you in delivering quality litigation support, legal research, contract management and bankruptcy services to individual attorneys, law firms, and corporations. Legal industry has always been of paramount importance especially after the introduction of e-business.

Legal Industry

Ample amount of experience in legal industry has helped us in delivering legal services in a timely manner to national and even international clients. Our standardized processes and stringent security takes care of all your anxieties about data security.

Hitech’s Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) solutions help organizations influence business process outsourcing as a strategy to ‘extend their enterprise’, thereby providing access to a high quality talent pool of legal professionals, a proven global delivery model, deep domain expertise and an unrelenting focus on delivery excellence. Our customized legal services make sure that each and every legal service required by our clients worldwide is fulfilled by our legal experts.

Legal Services:

  • Legal Contracts (documents) data entry
  • Attorney/State bar data verification and Updation
  • Construction:
    • Architectural Design
    • Structural Detailing
    • BIM / MEP
    • LEED & EPAct Consulting
  • Engineering Design
    • Product Design & Development
    • Reverse Engineering

Endowing your Legal Undertakings:

  • Technology backed legal and business solutions
  • Six-Sigma and Lean methodology driven approach
  • BCM ISO 22301/ ISO 27001/ ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • A separate team for ensuring data safety and security
  • Committed and highly skilled team
  • Implementation of technology innovation e.g. Predictive / Technology Assisted Coding
  • Improve efficiency through process innovation, automation & consolidation
  • Improve turnaround time and maximize savings
  • Experience to ramp up in short time
  • Predictable Pricing

Attain legal services provided by Hitech through a click.

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