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Vibration Analysis Services

Vibration Analysis Services

Hitech has been a trusted leader in vibration analysis services. We extend vibration analysis solutions using our niche expertise in explicit dynamic analysis, handling analysis, lifting analysis, multi-body dynamics simulation, NVH analysis, etc.

With the help of our vibration analysis engineers, you can automatically enhance a design according to a given set of performance parameters. We have encountered several situations wherein dynamic performance is key consideration. This has helped us to develop an expertise in the subject. Our experienced engineers have completed vibration analysis assessments which have proven to be cost-effective in solving consistent machine failures and loss in down time.

Autonomous assessment of machine condition using vibration analysis provides indication for quality control purposes on any machine that has been overhauled or is in operation. We also measure vibration intensity over a period of time on particular apparatus like fans, compellers etc.

We provide comprehensive range of vibration analysis services, troubleshooting and checking machine condition regularly or as per the annual maintenance contracts. Our company has a deep domain expertise and has delivered vibration analysis consulting services across aeronautical, civil, naval and mechanical engineering sector.

Vibration Analysis Service Offerings:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Explicit Dynamic Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Harmonic Response Analysis
  • Handling Analysis
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Lifting Analysis
  • Multi Body Dynamics Simulation
  • NVH Analysis

Vibration analysis and FEA technique can also be used to assess the dynamic characteristics of machines and structures prior to fabrication. We have professional FEA analysts who can simulate various scenarios to reduce testing time or speed up the process by performing vibration analysis on complex systems. Our dynamic and vibration analysis services specialization helps us in solving maintenance related failures and instability of machineries. Our FEA analysts are highly proficient in using dynamic and vibration analysis services effectively; and provide cost effective resolutions in a timely and precise manner.

For dynamic / vibration analysis services; contact us at or request a quote.

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