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Coupled Field Analysis Services

Coupled Field Analysis Services

Hitech is a prominent name when it comes to coupled-field analysis services. Our FE Analysis and simulation expertise helps us in creating innovative structural designs for your products.

We provide coupled field analysis services including induction heating, magnetic-thermal analysis, etc. Our team specializes in devising FEA solutions using mechanical analysis and design, thermal structural analysis and electrical thermal analysis expertise.

Some of our coupled field analysis services include, thermal-structural coupled physics, thermal-electric coupled physics, thermal-electric-structural coupled physics, piezoelectric coupled physics, Electroelastic coupled physics, Piezoresistive couple physics, electromagnetic-thermal coupled physics, and last but not the least electromagnetic-thermal-structural coupled physics. Direct coupling is advantageous when the coupled-field interaction involves strongly-coupled physics or is highly nonlinear and is best solved in a single solution using a coupled formulation. We have solved several direct coupling issues with piezoelectric analysis, conjugate heat transfer with fluid flow, and circuit-electromagnetic analysis.

In case of Thermal-Electric Coupled Physics, we can model Joule heating, Seebeck effect, Peltier Effect and Thomson Effect. Piezoelectric analysis enables one to directly apply the Voltage loading and get the Deformation as an output which is widely used in Semiconductor industry and Actuator Industry.

Coupled Field Analysis Service Offerings:

  • Thermal-Structural Coupled Physics
  • Thermal-Electric Coupled Physics
  • Thermal-Electric-Structural Coupled Physics
  • Piezoelectric Coupled Physics
  • Electroelastic Coupled Physics
  • Piezoresistive Coupled Physics
  • Electromagnetic-Thermal Coupled Physics
  • Electromagnetic-Thermal-Structural Coupled Physics

We have executed several big scale projects, and have a proven expertise in mechanical analysis & design, thermal structural analysis, structural analysis & design, thermal transient, thermal conductivity and thermo structural analysis.

Our team of experienced FEA engineers, Structural engineering experts and CAE consultants, couple their experience and capabilities to extend innovative coupled analysis solutions. Our commitment to excellence has earned us satisfied clients across the world, from countries of US, UK, Australia, Canada and UAE and positioned us as one of the leading providers of comprehensive Coupled Field Analysis solutions.

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