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Architectural & Engineering Services – FAQs

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about architectural & engineering services. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us on

How do we get started?
The first step is sending us:

  • Representative sample of Drawings
  • Drawing standards
  • Estimated Volume of Drawings to be digitized
  • Expected Turnaround time
How do we communicate?
The bulk of communication is done via e-mail which is the quickest and perhaps the easiest way. We respond to e-mails within 15 minutes to maximum 24 hours. Moreover, we can always communicate by phone/fax or chat online to clear up things.
What is the file size?
The image can go up to 5 MB for a PCX file of A0 size. A similar TIFF file would be 15 to 20 MB.
In what format should I send the scanned files?
The files can be sent in virtually any graphic file format, such as TIFF. For color JPEG / GIF formats are better.
In what DPI should the paper originals be scanned?
The paper if scanned at 150 DPI, is able to display almost the entire information visible on the sheet.
Can I mail the paper originals?
Yes, you can mail your paper originals from any country directly to our India address through FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.
What kind of turnaround time is expected?
The turnaround time could be as low as 24 hours if you email the files, as we work in 2 shifts.
Do you follow your own CAD standards or those prescribed by us?
We set up CAD standards as furnished by the client. However, in absence of prescribed standards, we use default standards conforming to AIA, OSHA rules or ISO guidelines
How can I send the original or markups sheets if an in-house scanner is not available?
You can either utilize the services of a blueprint shop that normally has a scanner, or mail the originals by courier.
Can I use fax machine to send the originals?
Yes you can. Cut the paper sheet into long strips of 8½” size and fax it to our U.S. e-fax number. The width may be increased or decreased so that important information like text and dimensions are clear. This works in 80% of the drawings.
How many workstations and staff are committed to CAD? Of the 200 projects you mentioned in your materials how many have been CAD focused?
We have 20 persons in CADD department and all of them are well qualified in different engineering fields like Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Structural, etc. The junior team members have an average experience of 3-5 years in AutoCAD and related tools. The seniors have 10 to 15 years’ experience in the consulting field.
What are the possibilities of our meeting with your engineers?
You are always welcome to meet our engineers.
Do your engineers travel to the United States or to Europe?
They would definitely be available to do so if required.
How can payment be made?
Payment can be made in U.S. Dollar, Pound Sterling or any currency via check, mailed to our bank account in the U.S. or by wire transfer to our bankers in India.
How different does the drawing look if done offshore?
As we use the standards furnished to us or default AIA/ISO standards, the drawing is the same or better.
Do you spell-check your drawings?
We not only spell-check but also proofread the drawings after a check plot is taken.
What about security of data?
We make every effort to safeguard the computer and paper data files generated in the course of a project. Upon completion of the project, original paper drawings and files can be returned or put in the Electronic vault for future use if required.
Is your company familiar with AIA Layer standards, American and British (Bermudian) codes? If I sketch out a plan, do you need a completed plan? i.e. Sections, elevations, plot plan, floor plan, etc. Please tell me what information do you require to draw construction documents?
Yes, we are familiar with AIA Standards, ASME and BS codes, and we would require plan elevations and sections to draw construction documents. We do have our own standard set of dimensions but for your specific requirements we would need the detailed dimensions.
What is an average turnaround time in weeks for a typical American house?
The turnaround time would depend on the type of drawings and the volume of work. However, we can manage to adjust the turnaround time as per your requirement.
Are these services permissible/taxable under law?
These NET enabled IT services are covered under WTO agreement signed by more than 110 countries around the globe. These services are freely importable and free from customs duties or local taxes.

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