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BPO Services – FAQs

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about BPO services, data entry, data processing services.
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Will you provide disk copy of your completed work?
Yes. We can send all the work through Internet and also send you a disk copy of the same if required.
What is the preferred means of communication? (Email, MSN, ICQ, phone, fax, etc)
Email and MSN/Yahoo/AOL being most preferred, we can also have contacts through phone and fax.
Is there a limit to the number of projects you can handle? We would be sending roughly 20-40 projects for estimates and possible development once an agreement is reached.
No, we do not have any limit and can handle as many projects as you can assign.
Can you quote pricing for both specific projects as well as on an hourly basis?
Yes, our hourly rates are US$3.5 per hour and once we have received the exact details, we will be able to give the specific quote as well.
What is your typical turnaround time? Are you able to handle quick jobs (same-day service for small projects)?
Our turnaround time is flexible and can always be adjusted as per your requirements. Yes, we have a 24/7 set-up and can definitely handle quick jobs within a turnaround time of 24 hours.
How do you handle the training, face-to-face or remote?
In case of simple projects, it can be done via NetMeeting, e-mail, chat and/or phone. For more complicated projects, we can come to your site for getting trained or you may send one of your personnel for training our staff.
What would be the typical turnaround time for our samples?
Our turnaround time is flexible and can always be adjusted as per your requirements. However, in case of very high volume requirements, we may require an initial set up time of few days to plan the things.
What accountability controls are in place to know that your people are working 100% on our behalf?
We can always fix up a required volume of work that one operator can do in a day. We will send you productivity reports on a weekly or daily basis as required.
What happens to the input data and documents after you have worked with them?
It all depends upon the instructions we get from our clients. So far as the hard copies, books etc. are concerned, we send them back to our clients or destroy them depending upon the instructions received. In case of soft copies, i.e. the processed data, we keep the back up of the data safely till the time our clients needs us to do so.
What can be the turnaround time from inquiry to project completion?
We are flexible and can complete the work in the desired turnaround time. However, we may require a set up time of few days.
I need to know how soon you can start on the project.
We can start with the project immediately, but we will need some initial set up period to speed up the work.
What system of the data transfer of the core files do you apply?
We have an FTP server, which can be used for transferring such files.
Whether there is any price difference between the entry of the character from the original and its emailed electronic image and the entry of the alphabetical and numerical characters?
No, the price remains the same in both the cases.
Does the language have any bearing on the price (other than English - German and French)?
It can be.
What is your quality assurance to minimize the number of errors and false data?
We have various quality control measures to ensure that the output is free from errors. One of such methods is double entry and comparison.
What is the legal aspect of sending and entry of confidential data?
We are ready to sign NDA and Confidentiality Agreement in this regard.
Do you do sample/pilot/test run/trial work free of cost?
Yes, we do sample/test work free of cost. This will enable you to have a better idea about the quality of our work and at the same time enable us to understand the project better and give you a competitive quote.
What will be your cost of keeping up-to-date the entry?
We believe that for updating data on regular basis, the best option would be to go for man-month rates. We can dedicate any number of full time operators as may be required on a rate of U.S. $500 per man-month. In such an arrangement, the dedicated operator(s) will work 8 hours a day and 6 days a week and we will be able to adjust the number of operators as per your requirement.
Is the input of data done manually or do you scan each document and recover the data digitally?
We do data entry by two ways. If the image is very clear and easy to scan, then we scan the data and digitize the same. In the second method, we directly key the data from the hard copy of the image itself. The method chosen depends upon the client’s requirement.
It’s written on your website that you can make a small pilot project for the customer. How does this work?
Yes, we do pilot projects free of cost. In this approach, we do a small sample work free of cost to enable the company buying our services to have a better idea about the quality of our work. This also helps us in fixing up the exact cost of the work on unit basis.
Are you aware of the two display PCs?
Yes, we do have two display PCs and are very well acquainted with it.

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