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Clients & Testimonials

We guarantee that by outsourcing your projects to hitech, you will save up to 60-70% on your project costs
At first, I did not know how good HiTech was, so I broke this project up and sent level 5, 6, 7 to another Indian firm. I sent Level 2, 3, 4 to HiTech. So far, your team has been doing well, except for some issues here and there. The other Indian team was not doing so well. They are struggling to get through level 7. They have no clue what they are doing. I am taking level 6 and 5 back and send them to you. I do hope that you understand the reason why I needed to do things this way. From now on, HiTech is the only one that I will be using.

– MEP Design Consulting Firm, USA

Thank you, Sonal. You are a breath of fresh air. I’ll admit I was nervous when Dhruv was taken off our account, but you said exactly what I wanted to hear and I am excited about the future and growing our relationship. As I told you, I will be moving into a position that determines how our CAD production is handled in the future. I want hitech to be our partner and relied upon problem solver. I will be an advocate for you in future business development discussions. In a perfect world, we would visit each other’s countries and employees to help ensure a prosperous relationship for all involved.

– Robert

I want to thank you very much for your work on this. I wish you could see how happy I was to see that you were able to work efficiently on every item with all the needed things like images and pdfs and dimensions and all that. I appreciate the hard work of your entire team! Keep up the good work!…

– Kelly Frost

Tracy just told me that she is very happy with the results of the latest Bank report. We would like your firm to do all of our accounting and book keeping….

– Steve Jordan

Everything looks good with the Excel files. Please send me an invoice so that I can pay you. Thanks for everything….

– Amy Bates Stumpf

Please pass our appreciation to the team for completing the details package so promptly. We will be able to complete the package and present it to our clients on time, without the embarrassment of late delivery….

– Kate Conrad

I think you nailed it really well in the first time without any REAL direction! I saw this email and started to answer the questions (and you raised some good ones – I have all of this stuff in my head, and the first step is to get it out, then systematize it, so thanks for asking), then got side…

– Michelle

I want everyone to know that I am VERY pleased with hitech’s IT resources and I look forward to a long and even more prosperous business relationship….

– Steven

I would like to provide an additional bonus payment to hitech for the work done thus far on the project, for outstanding efforts put forth by the team….

– Jose

Your draftsman seemed to catch on great. Yes, very satisfied. Thank you for your great effort. I really appreciate your professionalism….

– Todd Jackson

Overall the drawings quality has been very good. In fact it surprises me due to the short time your draftsman is working with cell sites. Kudos to him….

– Ken Brown

Thank you for your eagerness to make progress on these drawings. I appreciate your dedication to this project very much….

– Whitney Howard


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