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Turbomachinery Analysis Services

Turbomachinery Analysis

Hitech delivers Turbomachinery analysis services including cavitation modeling, blade design and analysis, and conjugate heat transfer analysis.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for comprehensive work – right from inception to ultimate design for manufacturing; our Turbomachinery analysts will assist you in resolving your concern by applying our high-tech technology and exclusive design savoir-faire.

Hitech team comprises of highly talented Turbomachinery design and analysis engineers ready to support and complement your design needs. Whether your requirement is complete study, from conception to final design for manufacturing, or are facing challenging multi-point / multi-objective design objectives, our Turbomachinery team will be able to support your requirements by application of our proprietary technology and exclusive design knowledge and design.

Our team is equipped with the latest CFD analysis tools like OpenFOAM, ANSYS FLUENT and ParaView. Some of our recent Turbomachinery projects encompass automotive turbocharger compressor and turbine, two stage real-gas refrigeration compressor, compressor-turbine and power turbine for an industrial gas turbine, among others.

Turbomachinery Analysis Service Offerings:

  • Cavitation Modeling
  • Blade Design and Analysis
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Mesh Generation with Multiple Fixed and Rotating Frames
  • Performance Evaluation in both 2D and 3D Environment
  • Characteristic Prediction of a Machine

Hitech has extensive experience in Turbomachinery analysis services. Our skillful CFD consultants of Turbomachinery simulation and modeling have capability of taking on simple-to complex Turbomachinery problems and providing elite solutions which support and complement your design needs. We have wide array of experience in the design and analysis of Turbomachinery, involving both arithmetical simulation and experimental testing of radial turbine phases to regulate the influence of different stator designs on performance.

If you are involved in the design of pumps, compressors, turbines or wind energy devices, our Turbomachinery analysts can provide both theoretical and practical information.

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