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Multiphase Flow Analysis Services

Multiphase Flow Analysis Services

Hitech extends multiphase flow modeling & analysis services including free surface flows, fuel injection design & optimization, mixed species & reacting flows, particulate tracking & concentration, and fluid spray design & optimization.

Our capabilities range from simple particle tracking calculations for industrial applications to complete design, simulation and analysis of spray equipments and fluid jets to improve their performance and efficacy. Multiphase flows are principally the flow interaction that happens for different states of matter whether it is solid, liquid or gaseous state of identical fluid or multiple fluids in operation.

Hitech has a team of CFD experts who are competent and skillful in executing all kinds of comprehensive multiphase fluid flow analysis. We make best use of simulation methods to portray two-phase flows in natural gas processing, thus helping in envisaging the performance of compressors, expanders, separators, chokes, and columns.

Our CFD team puts in hard efforts in analyzing your system and suggesting solutions to reduce risks and enhance performance with the help of effective advanced CFD and process simulation tools. Elite CFD codes have been developed and validated in-house to resolve real gas, multiphase flows with condensing and evaporating fluids.

Multiphase Flow Analysis Service Offerings:

  • Free Surface Flows
  • Fuel Injection Design & Optimization
  • Mixed Species & Reacting Flows
  • Particulate Tracking & Concentration
  • Fluid Spray Design & Optimization

Hitech has the requisite expertise to ensure that all aspects of multiphase flow CFD analysis reaches the client at each stage. Our expert team has the best resources at hand, including best software and infrastructure to provide the most precise results and solutions that help in augmenting the performance of the said equipments. Affordability, precision and timely delivery is our USP.

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