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Data Formatting and Cleansing Services

Data Formatting and Cleansing

Leverage Hitech’s Data Formatting & Cleansing Services for Clean, Consistent & Up-to-Date Data

We assist companies’ to cleanse data collected from multiple data fields, de-duplicate, replace, correct, delete, organize, validate, modify, classify, and format it. We deliver customized data formatting & cleansing services, empowering organizations to overcome data errors like redundancy, misplaced facts & figures and outdated information to have perfect data – the key to smooth operations.

A step ahead of data cleansing and data formatting, as part of data profiling we rectify data irregularities, perform referential integrity checks, update old and obsolete data, and maintain mailing lists. We partner organizations in need of consistent data validation – one of the most important elements for the existence and continuity of any business or organization.

Our teams of highly skilled resources provide best data cleansing services involving data formatting to fix Color, Size, Font, Text Cases – Lower, Upper, Title, Caption, Field Length, Titles, Data Filtering, Pivot Tables, Subtotals, Graphs, Ascending or Descending Sorting Order, Abbreviations, Total, Phone Number Formatting, Subtotals, Postal Addresses, Zip Codes etc. as per client specifications.

To ensure data consistency and data validation, customized macros or generated scripts are prepared to organize the data in specified formats. We cater various industry verticals across the globe including Telecommunication, Banking, and Retail, Transportation, Insurance, Marketing and many more.

Our data formatting services also includes formatting a specified set of information or transforming them from one form to other by applying necessary formatting techniques. Our professionals with proven excellence provide you with desired outputs in a wide array of formats including hard copies (CDs/DVDs, Database extracts (texts), excel sheets, MS office, PDF documents, emails, HTML, and many more.

Data Formatting & Cleansing Services includes:

Data Integrity Audit:

The audit simply ensures that the information written in text is located in the field of text only and not in the field of numbers or elsewhere. Apart from this it also applies to other information present in the database as well.

Correction of Address:

The process identifies that the addresses and other contact information of your company are up to date for the customers as well as other contacts. We do undertake the correction of contact information / details of people that may have moved to a different address or have changed their contact numbers or personal information.

Filter Records:

It will help you manage the relevant data and communicate with your prospects efficiently. Each and every record of your customer, company, business and other information are checked manually to remove irrelevant and outdated data to ensure that the information is valid.

Standardize Database:

All the attributes present in the database are standardize for uniformity where typos, spelling errors, missing information like postal codes, dialing codes, e-mail id etc. are filled up. Apart from that it is also checked up for duplicate records and at the end everything gets formatted per your requirements.

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Posted by USA
on 10th October 2014

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