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Photo Real Renderings for Luxury Home Design…!!!

Posted by: | Posted on: November 15th, 2014

For real estate sector, buying and selling of palatial bungalows, luxury condominiums, and sprawling properties means big business. Developers and agents rely on photo realistic renderings of these luxury high value properties to present to their potential buyers. In addition to 3D house plan rendering in images and animations, developers also use Luxury Custom House Plans Designs, 3D floor plans, building exterior design and landscape rendering, luxury home interior design etc to propose to the buyer, how the property will look once it is made, and how it can be remodeled/renovated to suit the clients requirements.

For renovation, rebuilding or designing a luxury house, too much is at stake. Passing some design about which the client does not have a clear idea, might lead to client not being satisfied with the outcome and hence mean that, a lot of money, time and efforts are wasted.
level of detailing

Luxury Home Plan Design – Level of Detailing

3D modeling and rendering is a great tool that arms developers with the power of visualization. From an overview of how the building will look (minimalistic, majestic, chic, boho-chic etc.), 3D modeling and house plan rendering has the capability to recreate great amount of design detailing, like what vegetation/plants will look good in the garden area, how will common spaces like lobbies and courtyards look, what kind of furnishings and tapestry (with finishing) will be used, how will the building look during day time, and how it will look during the night time and the list is endless.

3D Modeling and Rendering – a Common Practice

3D modeling and rendering

Developers have made it a common practice to outsource 3D modeling and rendering services for any Big Architecture and interior design project. For every project detailed 3D floor plans and rendered images are prepared and client approval is taken before the actual on-site work starts.

These 3D models and rendered images are also used by developers to create marketing collaterals like design proposals, walkthrough presentations, project catalogs, brochures etc.

Unconventional architectural designs and trends

Unconventional Architectural Designs and Trends

Today the definition of luxurious home has vastly evolved. While having all the luxuries such as a lavish dining space, a separate banquette hall, a huge garden, swimming pool etc, an element of unusual is usually what clients are looking for. For example there are luxurious properties built to look like a part of the landscape, while some properties have a very rooted earthy look and elements of outdoors are brought into the interiors to give the house a ‘high fashion luxury home’ look and feel.

Empowering Client to Make a Decision

While many are of the opinion that iconic buildings are no more erected, we beg to differ. 3D modeling and rendering has actually made iconic buildings a common place, and as there is more scope to experiment. Not every client is gifted with the ability to visualize a particular space in a way the designer describes. But with 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering capabilities, all types of buildings are and luxury home interiors can be easily visualized the variety ranges from minimalistic, bohemian, shabby chic, the ultra modern, traditional to the outdoor themed interiors. You name it and you have it.

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Bhushan Avsatthi
About the Author: Bhushan Avsatthi is a BIM expert, a certified Sustainable Building advisor, and an associate director with more than 15 years of industry experience. He leads a team of architects, Structural & MEP engineers, LEED consultants and energy modelers. Bhushan strives to make his organization a cohesive resource for sustainable building design. He regularly participates in green initiatives like tree plantations, and promotes using bicycles for everyday commute.

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