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Microsoft Business Intelligence – Improving Business Insight across Organization…!!!

Posted by: | Posted on: November 18th, 2014

Microsoft BI, meets the business intelligence needs of enterprises efficiently, at reduced associated costs and management issues. MS business intelligence, is available as a part of the Microsoft office and MS SharePoint server packages, and is built on the power full Microsoft SQL server platform.

The advanced features of Microsoft BI and its data handling capabilities, help businesses reduce the excessive burden on the IT staff, and help maintain proper governance. Combining MS business intelligence with Azure makes the perfect data analytics solution for small businesses. Read on to know more about how Microsoft BI helps business make the best use of data and gain business insight?

Microsoft Business Intelligence

The Unique Concoction of Power BI and Azure

The Microsoft business intelligence tools and cloud storage system is tailored to suit the current data analytics requirements of small businesses. For small set ups, cloud computing is easy and cost effective as compared to data storage using expensive IT equipment in order to run analytics. Using the Azure deployment system, digital marketers can run desired applications in cloud. Microsoft BI technology has in store several data analytics tools, which allow processing of raw data as per requirement, for the purpose of analytics.

Using Microsoft Power BI for Agility

Business intelligence empowers small marketers with agile analytics capabilities with advanced visualization and functionalities. Small business hence, become self efficient, and capable of managing their mounting volumes of business data in the most efficient manner. Small businesses use MS business intelligence capabilities to connect people to each other, and to connect people with data, thus drive their profit margins, gain an edge over competitors and escalate business growth.

Turning Data into Insights

As business have gone digital, they generate massive volumes of data. Besides web research, web scrapping and data collection is also growing in popularity. Businesses are looking to convert all this data (of massive volumes) into meaningful information. Microsoft BI, allows handling these massive volumes of data and convert it into insight, by helping segregation of data according to specific data models and structures as per user requirements.

Further they also enable businesses manage store and analyze this segregated data. User can sift through the data and acquire only relevant and useful information as per preference. By using the Data expression language – a pretty straight forward process, the user – who does not have in-depth knowledge of SQL – can manipulate data easily. The PowerPivot model of MS business intelligence, can analyze mammoth data volumes – with higher efficiency.

User working exclusively in Microsoft environment can gain the best benefits out of Microsoft BI, as it most definitely satisfies their needs. Users can take advantage of the powerful features of MS BI like – Microsoft SQL server 2012, Windows azure HD Insight and tools like Power View, Data explorer, PowerPivot, and Geoflow to visualize data models, hence gain business insight and take informed decisions.

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