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Notes from Day 2 of the Future BIM Implementation Conference in Doha, Qatar

Posted by: | Posted on: May 12th, 2016

Panel Discussion - Future BIM Implementation, Doha

The second day of the Future BIM Implementation Conference, Doha took off with a one to one interview with Dr Ali Awadh Al Amoudi, who has been the advisor to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on Sustainable Development. Dr. Al Amoudi spoke about his interest in sustainable development that started while he was studying in Kuwait. It started with concerns of oil pollution in the GCC environment and increased to other global environmental concerns that are leading to global warming. He wants to work on ways to minimize the use of energy and non-renewable natural resources. He then shared a presentation about the first sustainable and green sky scraper of Egypt – the Al Hilay Skyscraper Burj.

In the next session, Moawia Abdelkarim kept the audience engaged presenting a constructor’s viewpoint through a case study on the integrated project delivery method (IPD). Making a strong point for leading the change rather than waiting passively waiting for it to come on to us, he said in his presentation, “real value is not the low bid on a higher cost design, it is achieving the lowest true cost on the right design”. He made things a lot simpler for service and technology vendors by stating in so many words what construction clients want: the right building, value for their money, predictable outcomes, no injuries, better experience, zero rework, flash delivery, lowest operating cost, and sustainability. Here is where IPD plays a significant role. He cited an example of a $320 million where only 214 RFIs were raised.

Tamer Abdelkader of Parsons was up next, sharing his view of the benefits of BIM. He said that road & highway BIM lacks definition of what LOD levels should encompass, which is a challenge for the infrastructure industry.

Frederick Ainoo of Aecom talked about contextualizing the use of technology in his session. He made a strong point about how lack of integration in the delivery process impedes continuous improvement. We need to change our culture and let go of the old things we know, so that we can achieve success in the new technology and processes required.

The day concluded with a panel discussion between Omar Selim, Hamoda Youssef, and Dr. AlAmoudi, moderated by Muhammad Jabakhanji. The discussion started with ways to leverage BIM on sustainable design at early stages of project using energy modeling, daylight analysis, early on in the design stages of a project. Dr. Al Amoudi considers it important that if we intend to implement sustainability we need to take consideration for energy use, efficiency and optimization, and reduce wastage right at the design stage, and not wait until construction begins.

Bhushan Avsatthi
About the Author: Bhushan Avsatthi is a BIM expert, a certified Sustainable Building advisor, and an associate director with more than 15 years of industry experience. He leads a team of architects, Structural & MEP engineers, LEED consultants and energy modelers. Bhushan strives to make his organization a cohesive resource for sustainable building design. He regularly participates in green initiatives like tree plantations, and promotes using bicycles for everyday commute.

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