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Revit Family Creation Services

Revit Family Creation Services

We help your architects, engineers, product manufacturers and suppliers in developing BIM-ready product models using Revit to enhance collaboration and reduce re-work. From raw images, hand drawn sketches and PDF files, our specialized team in BIM content creation; create simple and parametric 3D families for architectural, structural, MEP and mechanical products or components.

We have an expert team of Revit family designers having several years of experience in Revit family creation. Our company specializes in preparing Revit families to assist in creating data-rich BIM models in quicker turnaround time for different types of buildings and services so far, including commercial buildings, residential units, hotels, offices, hospitals, educational buildings, and industrial facilities.

We are expert at adding necessary information into the 3d model generated that can be used for proper building analysis and estimating purposes. Our Revit certified professionals ensure that submittals, manufacture details, product code and all the necessary information is been added in the model.


Revit Family Creation Service Offerings:

  • Architectural Revit Families Creation including doors, windows, furniture, walls decoration, partition, ceilings, floors, louvers, grills, stairs etc.
  • Structural Revit Families Creation including components like beams, columns, joints, trusses, decks etc. for steel, wood, concrete and RCC structures.
  • MEP Revit Families Creation including HVAC ducts and equipment, switchboards, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, toilet fixtures, water pipes, cables, trays etc.
  • Mechanical Revit Families Creation including plant room component models such as compressors, overhead tanks, pumps, etc. and furniture products such as shelving, rack systems, shop fitting furniture, etc.

Our BIM experts develop intelligent virtual 3D BIM objects with detailed product or component information about its physical characteristics such as its geometry and visual graphical representation. The product manufacturers generally embed the BIM objects in the product catalogs that are subsequently used by the project architects and engineers searching for the specific product.

We have a ground-breaking approach and all the problems are dealt with detailed attention, considering the unique differences that they may possess. We take the ‘term’ professionalism seriously and are well known to deliver our work on or before time.

With the help of our experienced and skilled Revit family designers, great precision of work is geometrically represented with perfect parameters.

Reach out to Hitech for Revit family creation services at

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Posted by USA
on 26th November 2014
Posted by USA
on 19th November 2014
We continue to enjoy our relationship with Hi-Tech. We are working towards incorporating Hi-Tech into a greater percentage of our work. First, we must understand the full breadth of Hi-Tech's capabilities and any restrictions such as project size, timing or red lines required.

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