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Architectural Design Services

Architectural Design Services

Our architectural design services for building & construction industry are powered by innovation and customized solutions to fulfill your comprehensive requirements.

Several International Architectural projects are executed by hitech that has carved a niche as one of the leading Architectural Design Service provider.

Our Expertise includes:

  • Modern Architectural Design
  • Concept Development
  • Interior, Exterior & Landscape Design
  • Furniture
  • Bridge Plan Design
  • Retail Space Planning
  • Resurrection Planning and Designing for Heritage Sites
  • Design for Infrastructural Facilities like Airports, Metro Stations, City Centers & many more

We strongly believe, that building & construction industry architecture has a major influence on the quality of life of its occupants, may it be residential buildings, commercial complexes, public edifices, government offices or museums.


Architectural Design Services Offerings

  • Design Phase Services
  • Planning Services
  • Construction Services
  • Construction Documentation

Architects at Hitech conduct a detailed analysis of client requirements, based on which our projects take off. We rely on a variety of mediums from hand sketches to the use of a variety of architectural design software and tools in order to make the execution process fast and convenient. We help you visualize your project site replete with its surroundings and architecture by creating effective photomontages.

We go to great extents to recognize the purpose and use of the architectural spaces we design & give due importance to the cultural and social considerations of the people who will use them. We truly believe in embracing sustainability, hence energy efficiency and green designs remain at the core.

We take pride in creating reliable designs that are inspiring, practical and devoted to improving the natural and built environment. The relevant experience and expertise of our team in building designs and architecture reflects in the way we collaborate and work with our clients, engineers and consultants.

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