Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services provides proficient energy analysis & energy modeling services including shadow analysis, location analysis, solar simulation, energy compliance, reflection analysis, acoustic analysis, daylight analysis, visibility analysis, light pollution analysis, fenestration analysis to its clients. Our energy modeling team can create computer-simulated energy models of your proposed or existing building complied with ASHRAE 90.1 standards. The models then can be used by the entire project team to improve the design or operation of the building by investigating the relationships between a building’s components and systems, and evaluating the cost-benefit of various building improvements.

Which Building Energy Modeling Services are you looking for?

Shadow Analysis Services

Including shade and sun analysis, line of sight, contour, true Ortho, and graphical & tabular representation of objects in shadow.

Location Analysis Services

Cost-effective location analysis services for LEED certification to building owners, architects, HVAC Engineers/consultants, day-lighting, lighting engineers/consultants, general contractors, LEED consultants etc.

Solar Simulation Services

Includes system cooling, optical system, compact design, output orientation, interlocks, air filtering, digital shutter timing, and air mass filters.

Energy Compliance Services

Covers energy compliance services for LEED certification & building / home energy audits for green building design.

Reflection Analysis Services

Delivers reflection analysis and glare analysis services which help in designing the building’s structure using critical reflective analysis.

Acoustic Analysis Services

Takes into consideration use of glass, natural ventilation, and sound absorbing surfaces.

Daylight Analysis Services

Includes exterior shading and control devices, glazing materials, aperture location, Reflectances of room surfaces, and integration with electric lighting controls.

Visibility Analysis Services

Encompasses interior & exterior building design drawings, optimizing visibility level, suggestions based on visibility level, enough glare and transparency in the interior, and suggestions of glass panels and window panels instead of windows and doors in the interior.

Light Pollution Analysis Services

Incorporates lighting power density for exterior, interior lighting analysis for light pollution, sky glow, and light trespass for exterior lighting.

Fenestration Analysis Services

Assimilates high performance fenestration features including double glazing, low-emissivity coatings, and blue/green tints.