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Lighting System Design Services

Lighting System Design Services

hitech is a professional lighting system designer company that has extensive knowledge of lighting equipment and technology. We are committed to provide lighting system design services according to needs and requirements of the client.

hitech provides lighting system design services and power lighting design drawings services encompassing lighting load estimation, egress lighting estimation services, switchgear sizing services, fixture selection and placement in apartment areas, proper lighting fixture identification, lighting distribution panels designing services, feeder numbers analysis for lighting panels along with light fixture layout design services.

We have the experience of providing electrical design, electrical system design, electrical engineering design, building electrical power design, electrical circuit design for residential or commercial buildings, AutoCAD electrical design, electrical single line diagram for residential and house electrical design services around the globe.

Lighting System Design Service Offerings:

  • Lighting Load Estimation
  • Egress Lighting Estimation Services
  • Switchgear Sizing Services
  • Fixture Selection and Placement in Apt Areas
  • Proper Lighting Fixture Identification
  • Lighting Distribution Panels designing services
  • Feeder Numbers Analysis for Lighting Panels
  • Light fixture Layout Design services

We also suggest light themes to the clients as per their requirements. We have leading lighting design experts with wide array of experience in latest CAD tools and provide full support for successful lighting solutions. We also have largest collection of residential and commercial building lighting design.

We assist lighting engineers to build faster layout by intrinsically providing technical features such as building codes and regional standards, informed component library and electrical symbols. With the help of CAD software, our electrical design and lighting engineers build layout faster thereby considering technical aspects such as building codes and regional standards, upgraded component library and electrical symbols.

For lighting system design services; contact us at [email protected] or request a quote.