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BPO Services – FAQs

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about BPO services, data entry, data processing services.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us on

Will you provide disk copy of your completed work?
What is the preferred means of communication? (Email, MSN, ICQ, phone, fax, etc)
Is there a limit to the number of projects you can handle? We would be sending roughly 20-40 projects for estimates and possible development once an agreement is reached.
Can you quote pricing for both specific projects as well as on an hourly basis?
What is your typical turnaround time? Are you able to handle quick jobs (same-day service for small projects)?
How do you handle the training, face-to-face or remote?
What would be the typical turnaround time for our samples?
What accountability controls are in place to know that your people are working 100% on our behalf?
What happens to the input data and documents after you have worked with them?
What can be the turnaround time from inquiry to project completion?
I need to know how soon you can start on the project.
What system of the data transfer of the core files do you apply?
Whether there is any price difference between the entry of the character from the original and its emailed electronic image and the entry of the alphabetical and numerical characters?
Does the language have any bearing on the price (other than English - German and French)?
What is your quality assurance to minimize the number of errors and false data?
What is the legal aspect of sending and entry of confidential data?
Do you do sample/pilot/test run/trial work free of cost?
What will be your cost of keeping up-to-date the entry?
Is the input of data done manually or do you scan each document and recover the data digitally?
It’s written on your website that you can make a small pilot project for the customer. How does this work?
Are you aware of the two display PCs?