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Data Entry Services

Data Entry

Effective data management is mission critical for businesses and organizations. Accurate data entry – online and offline, is the key to efficient and successful business data management.

We are pioneers at delivering outsourced data entry services and have been supporting SMBs and some of the Fortune 500 companies globally across the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia. We as an experienced offshore data entry company with well-trained data entry experts, manage over 25M transactions every year with 99% data accuracy, clubbed with significant cost-savings and faster turnaround times.

Carrying data entry through in-house teams has more hassles, than advantages, including dedicated investment of time, cost, resources and hiring of specialized labor and technology; which affect the business productivity in the long run.

Data Entry Services Offering:

  • Online & Offline / Remote Data Entry
  • Product Data Entry Services for Ecommerce Stores
  • Data Capture Solutions / Manual Typing Services
  • Scanned Documents, Images, PDF to Excel Entry
  • Handwritten & Printed Forms, Survey/Feedback Forms Entry
  • Invoice, Receipts, QuickBooks, Tax & Accounting
  • Inventories, CRM Data Entry

Industries We Serve:

  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • ITES & Computer Software
  • Market Research
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Publishing
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Energy & Utilities

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services to us:

  • Data Security: We ensure complete information security & confidentiality of client’s data which is also strictly governed by NDA & ISO:27001 – ISMS standard.
  • Accurate: Our quality assurance team enforces data point wise multi-level quality controls and auditing, that is also governed by ISO:9001 – QMS standard.
  • Fast: The average typing speed of our data entry operators is around 40 words per minute which enables us to deliver required output faster.
  • Experience: Our experience of 20+ year’s in data processing enables us to deliver almost every possible data processing project you have.
  • Automation or Manual: We have developed capability for all types of data processing tasks using automated tools & experienced data processing experts.
  • Shorter Start-Up Time & Scaling: With a huge talent pool of over 300 experts, we empower you to start any outsourced data entry project in a day or two & scale up as you want.
  • Cost Effective: Our inherent 360 degrees of data processing capability enables us to deliver most affordable rates.
  • Relationship & Partnership: With the first assignment irrespective of size or tenure of the project, our emphasis is always on a long term relationship with our clients globally, which has resulted in over 80% of recurring / repeat & referral clients.

Request a quote for data entry services or email us at [email protected]

Ratings & Reviews: Total Reviews 24
Posted by Liam, UK
on 14th August 2015
Posted by Soren, Germany
on 13th July 2015
Thank you very much for the good quality, the fast processing and the great communication during the process.
Posted by Joao, Portugal
on 23rd June 2015
Posted by Mathieu, France
on 13th April 2015
Posted by Felipe, Chile
on 8th January 2015
Together we have done a good job, the problems that have arisen have been a quick fix. I hope to have the same or better job.
Posted by Jeremy, USA
on 7th January 2015
Billing was a little hard to deal with due to bank turnover.
Posted by Bill H, USA
on 1st December 2014
Excellent work, much appreciated.
Posted by Adeline, Australia
on 28th November 2014
Posted by Naama, Israel
on 28th November 2014
Posted by Stefan,
on 14th November 2014
Posted by Dr Chirk, Malaysia
on 12th November 2014
The quality is good except for some minor errors in the converted documents.
Posted by Michel, Canada
on 7th November 2014
Posted by Elliott, USA
on 13th October 2014
We used your BTO services and were very impressed. With your time effectiveness, quality control, and customer service levels. NG will use these services again in the very near future.
Posted by Anita, New zealand
on 8th October 2014
We love working hi tech they provide us with a friendly professional service
Posted by Shruti, Australia
on 8th October 2014
Posted by Bruce, USA
on 8th October 2014
Your work is outstanding and I can count on you to get the job done in an amazingly short period of time. If you can find me a great publisher in India with deep pockets I would be even happier. How about a great literary agent for me?
Posted by Shereen, Egypt
on 8th October 2014
Dilip is really good; however recently we had a mass entry project and we have notified Dilip early on about the workload expected and the deadline. However, the batches were not delivered on time and both Tejas and Dilip sent us a short notice for the 2nd of october holiday which would have been workable if they resumed work on the 3rd as agreed, however the batches they had were not completed up until the 4th of october which caused disruptions to our workflow and plans. Other than that, services offered are good. Better time-planning will make it better. Also, as of june 2014, your company has risen the cost per row of entry and typically with an increase in cost, we will expect at least the same quality if not a better quality. However, we have witnessed a decline in response and worse communication. The quality of the entry itself is good but the service as in the communication, timely response and delivery were not consistent which somehow disrupts ours workflow and plans. On the other hand, Dilip is good with instructions in entry when given and we have witnessed a better understanding from your side for the format of the entry needed. Timely response and delivery shall make it better.
Posted by Jay, USA
on 7th October 2014
Krishna has been very prompt and efficient with us over the course of various projects. Additionally, the relationship continues to improve. Because of my experience, I have already recommended Hi-Tech to other companies and will continue to do so in the future. I really hope that the quality and timeliness (along with cost) remains stable as we progress into the future. We have many large projects that I foresee in the future, and I'm hoping that Hi-Tech will be able to execute just as well.
Posted by Laurent, France
on 7th October 2014
Long term relationship, with excellent services.
Posted by Tom, Canada
on 7th October 2014
other than a slight miscommunication on reporting completed task, (which wasnt), i am quite pleased with services rendered. Tom
Posted by Lupe, USA
on 15th September 2014
Outstanding work completed, was very happy with the customer service and quick turnaround of our product.
Posted by June, United States
on 13th March 2014
Posted by Kurt, United Kingdom
on 12th March 2014
I asked if payment could be made via Paypal. I was told yes, and then was told no. Very upsetting.
Posted by Hamish, Australia
on 12th March 2014
Great work, thank you.