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6 Tips for That Impressive & Creative Business Card…!!!

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We may have entered the Digital age long before; still the physical business cards are considered as a tool to create the perfect first impression. In fact, presented in a proper way; a creatively designed business card can become a very potent means to create a solid brand and creates an everlasting impression on the people’s psyche.

Keeping in mind, the significance of cards; here are some business cards design tips which will help you to create a card that is showcase to your professionalism and attention to detail.

Tips for Creative Business Card

Take a Professional Approach:

The secret behind impressive business card designs lies in the consistent look!

In other words, it should sync in with your business and its objective. The best thing you can is to avoid generic designs!

The uniqueness of the design gets “lost in the crowd”; if you are going for a generic design. So, just stick to layout that clearly displays your brand strongly.

Readability over Creativity

Anything overdone can be harmful! Too much Creativity can ruin the professional feel of the card. Therefore, make sure you avoid extremely decorative, whimsical and too fancy fonts. They might be pleasing to eyes; but the mind cannot comprehend what is written; destroying the readability.

Pick the Layout Cleverly

Be wise while choosing the layout – Usually, the conventional size for business cards is 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Oddly cut shapes may make a memorable card; but also makes it difficult to store. Make sure that any information that you are printing at the back of the card; should be vital and should not be there just the sake of filling up the empty spaces.

Avoid Loud Colors

A riot of color can make the card stand out, but for wrong reasons! Don’t go for too loud or bold colors; minimalistic color scheme is the best solution – Go for a color that is not a distraction from your logo or business information.

Cross-check for Typos

Spelling errors can ruin your personal brand completely! These cards are the primary carriers of your reputation and tools for the potential clients to judge your brand.

Pay more attention to detail – Get the cards reprint the moment there is any changes in the information. Preferably avoid handwritten information on the back of your card – Sign of a good Business cards is that they are always up-to-date and presentable.

Don’t Rush into Giving Card in a Conversation

Well, to end the write-up; let’s take a look at the etiquette which is ignored conveniently – Most of the times, it is seen that people just hand over the business card in the very beginning of the conversation. This make you appear too forward or simply pushy. The best way is to build a rapport and then hand over the card before you finish with your conversation.

Business card designs play a silent, yet instrumental role in making your brand!

Ritesh Sanghani
About the Author: Ritesh Sanghani has an overall experience of 15+ years in International Marketing. He is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction by value addition and thereby building long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships. Mr. Sangani's background includes a sound knowledge of IT and ITES service sector.