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3 Microsoft Dynamics AX features; Helping Retailers Reinvent Their Business…!!!

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The retail sector today, is dynamic, and while challenges are great and competition is stiff, the landscapes also have a lot of scope for retailers to capture the unprecedented opportunities. Evolving economy, a wider range of products and wider buying options has empowered the buyers. Today, in an environment where the boundaries between social networking and commerce have blurred, it has become all the more important to fuel brand loyalty by building a strong brand identity.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

Today the foundation of retail is based on providing complete shopping experience. Microsoft dynamics AX is a powerful tool, which helps retailers provide their customers a complete shopping experience.

Microsoft dynamics AX helps retailers become dynamic. It helps them connect with customers; understand the customer expectations and build trust. For retailers Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a way to reinvent their business, and drive sales across channels, by using technologies that are powerful, agile yet simple. All the features of a dynamic retail – i.e. point of sale, store operations, multichannel management, merchandising, supply chain management etc are rolled into one.

Applications of Microsoft Dynamics AX that Support Dynamic Retail

Customer Connect – Advanced cross channel and multichannel capabilities, offer a personalized and enhanced customer service. It empowers customers to pick, choose, return and replace items as they wish to. Additionally, it also creates a connection with customers by making available, special promotional offers discounts and special coupons via social media and mobile commerce. As a result new opportunities of customer engagement are created.

Employee Engagement – MS Dynamics AX can be use to create and manage orders at POS – i.e. point of sale. This empowers the sales associates with high quality and relevant information to resourcefully utilize the face-to-face time with customers. A neat set of relevant information helps employees take timely, informed and hence the right decisions.

Anticipate Trends and Act Accordingly – Using the integrated multichannel management feature, retailers can anticipate trends and act accordingly. Powerful merchandising feature empowers the retailer, with several hierarchy creation possibilities and unlimited category creation facilities. Retailers can make optimized use of powerful assortment management and meet customer demands in the best and efficient manner.

As mentioned, Microsoft dynamics offers powerful and agile solutions to retailers, and support them to drive sales, boost business growth and cultivate customer relationships. Everything need not be implemented all at once. The process can be gradual and retailers can start with business critical components first and carry out implementation of other components at their own pace.

Microsoft dynamics AX Partners

Hi-Tech is a certified Microsoft dynamics partner with a deep experience in executing projects for the retail industry. The company provides Microsoft dynamics AX solutions tailored to the needs of its clients – the solutions range from planning, design, customization and configuration, implementation, and training to ongoing support to sustain a dynamic retail culture.

Chirag Shivalker
About the Author: Chirag Shivalker heads the Content team at Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP. He has a long history in the BPM space and covers wide range of topics on BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and technology trends in business. He also enjoys writing about how active leadership and development plans can pave path for a process aware organizational culture that helps successful and sustainable process – based management.